Into Claugvoarex's Lair

Into Claugvoarex's Lair

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In 2017, we started our publishing career on DMsGuild with an adventure titled "Lair of Elaacrimalicros". While that is still available there (and is a copper seller), we felt it lost a bit, as it was originally written using a different ruleset than 5th Edition 
DR1, "Into Claugvoarex's Lair", is the first adventure in a series of adventures based around evil dragons. While not linked, they will all bear the DR designation 

In "Into Claugvoarex's Lair", the players are hired to assist a tribe of birdmen that are being hunted to extinction by the green dragon Claugvoarex. They are NOT hired to slay the dragon, but rather to map out his lair in the Sun Stones. For 4-6 characters levels 5-7



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