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World of Durmin Kickstarter Launch T-Minus 1 Week

We are ONE WEEK AWAY from launching out Kickstarter. Next Saturday at 3 pm Eastern, we plan to kick off the World of Durmin Kickstarter LIVE at PhoenixCon 0 in beautiful Neenah, WI.

The World of Durmin Campaign Setting box set will include right off the rip 2 books on Durmin, a 1st level introductory adventure (Cult of Petosega, revamped for OSRIC), and FIVE maps - one for each continent currently known with 30 mile hexes printed on the map, each measuring 24" x 18", and one large map of the full known lands that measures 36" x 24". These look...amazing, and are printed on heavyweight paper for that old-school feel. The box is also in full color, and opens similar to a book as opposed to the standard two-piece box for durability and keeping things secure. There are several stretch goals that will be revealed on the launch date, so keep your eyes peeled to our blog here, our Facebook, or if you are attending PhoenixCon 0, at our launch party on Saturday at 1 pm Central. There are still plenty of spots available for this event, which is a free event to attend, with swag to give to our guests. The first 25 backers that are at the convention also are getting a special adventure only available at the convention as a serial numbered copy, though this adventure is one of our stretch goals. Several members of the J. Halk Games Home Team will be in attendance as well at the convention, including Joe, Karen, and the TPK Kid Lori. More information on this live event is available at:

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