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Virtual Kobold Con, Con of Champions, and other upcoming things.

We are appearing at Virtual Kobold Con 2020! After the success in using Discord with Virtual Gary Con XII, Joe is doing two gaming sessions at VKC: J. Halk's Kobolds!, and the long-discussed Draffin Keep will debut. Joe is also doing a Beer and AMA Q&A Session as well, which should be entertaining. Virtual Kobold Con is May 1-3, 2020, and you can play from anywhere in the world. Head over to Tabletop Events to register. The link to our events is on our home page in the Events area.

Speaking of Tabletop Events, Con of Champions is coming up May 23-25, 2020. The COVID-19 Pandemic has hit everyone hard, but especially Tabletop Events, who are the main website that conventions such as Gary Con and Kobold Con use for ticket and event registration. Tabletop Events lost so many events from the COVID-19 Pandemic that they may have to shut down for good. Con of Champions hopes to stave off their demise, as the funds from it will go towards keeping Tabletop Events going through the loss of business. If you have ever used the site, you know it is indispensable for convention booking. Why not give it a go and jump in, help a good cause.

Coming up in our near future are 2 adventures: Sewers of Irvinia and Draffin Keep, as well as our World of Durmin Kickstarter, all for OSRIC™. The adventures will drop over the next few months, but the Kickstarter is on hold until after the COVID-19 Pandemic, as we understand how tight finances are for people and really do not want to run a Kickstarter on a product we think many people will enjoy backing, but cannot (we REALLY aren't heartless dicks, despite our tagline). We promise more details on this in the hopefully near future.

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