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Let's get to first things first... I've cancelled the adventure J. Halk Games's Kobolds!

Even though it was completed, I felt like it was really low using what is essentially a Tucker's Kobolds to make a few bucks. I wrote it just for Virtual KoboldCon 2020, and while it is fun and VERY deadly, I really was on the fence about releasing it because, well, it's not an original idea. Maybe someday I'll drop it as a free pdf or something, but for now, it's shelved. That explains the month of October and why the planned release didn't show up. If you were awaiting it, let us know. The more people interested, the more likely it will see the light of day, even if it is at a loss.

Disco Trilogy Part III I'm still in negotiations on the title. The adventure is hashed out and has been for months. I'm just awaiting the deal to finalize before I can announce the title. We will have a name by December either way. 2021 and Beyond Right now, we are planning to attend Gary Con XIII in-person, COVID situation pending. If the situation is still bad, we will attend virtually ONLY. The main concern is there are 3 people on the team that are high-risk and a vaccine would need to be ready before then. Under Ohio's plan of vaccination, they are in the second round of vaccinations, behind healthcare workers. Fingers crossed. We plan right now on continuing as scheduled well into 2021, with adventures planned through July, hopefully followed by the World of Durmin Kickstarter and Lethal Lexicon Redux, which keeps growing daily (we are approaching the size of the original monster books in page count and amount of monsters). There is also another project that has been on the back burner for quite some time that hopefully we can announce early next year near Gary Con XIII. I don't want to give too many details, but I will say it is something that will bring back a lot of old-school memories. Closing Again, I apologize for the Kobolds! adventure never coming to fruition. It just didn't feel right though. Draffin Keep is comng in November, followed by Sewers of Irvinia in December. Joe

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