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The Six Deadly Designers, Vol. 1: What is this?

While browsing the interwebs, reading various OSR blogs, a disturbing trend has developed where gamers have stopped just wanting to play, injecting all sorts of hate and venom. This isn't just from one sect either, as you can see people of all races, orientations, and political beliefs lashing out at others.

What happened to just wanting to game? We were all the outcasts years ago, longing for people to play with; it does not make sense in the spirit of gaming to fight amongst those playing the game for their personal beliefs away from the table.

We can give several personal examples where it was obvious from the start various players we have GM'd for were the opposite of us away from the gaming table. However, while gaming, the REAL-WORLD should not exist. You are role-playing in a fictional world that the GM has built, and their creation is where your mind should be. The blogging community is an extension of the gaming table, where we share ideas. We shouldn't inject our personal beliefs onto others in the comments area of a blog. We don't KNOW these people personally, and chances are were they met in any other situation, you might actually get along; would you suddenly dump them as a party member because a belief of theirs in the REAL WORLD is different than yours, despite never discussing it at the table? Joe once ran a party at an Irish pub. The players ran the entire spectrum, yet they all got along at the table because they were there only to play a game. Joe is still friends with each of these players to this day, despite differences they may have. This brings us to WHY we are doing this and how: we wanted a place where gaming could be discussed without discrimination of any sort, so there are a few rules for Frankie said in 1984, "Relax"...nothing shocking here. 1. No REAL WORLD socio-political discussion. We don't care if you are left, center, right, LGBTQ+, gender-fluid, Christian, Pagan, Islam, or an atheist. We are here to discuss gaming topics. If you attack someone for their character, perceiving that it is an extension of themselves (say, a gender-fluid furry ranger or a strict hard-line paladin), that won't be tolerated. WE WILL NOT HESITATE TO BAN DISCRIMINATION OF ANY FORM. 2. You may not use copyrighted images, post links to copyrighted material, or the like. If you can land us in a Cease & Desist, you will be banned. 3. Overtly sexual comments are not allowed. Keep your thoughts to yourself. Not everyone wants to hear those. That's it. 3 simple rules. No sweat. As this grows, we will add new things, better graphics, etc. This space will be used for mostly the following things: 1. Interviews with OSR designers and legends 2. Design ideas from the Home Team - sneak peeks, how-to's, etc. 3. House Rule ideas 4. News pertaining to the OSR world and product reviews of other publisher's stuff 5. Con coverage - when those resume in-person 6. Maps and rough story starters - ideas we've had but failed to fully develop 7. Our upcoming product news

Right now, expect this to run monthly as a trial run. There's some other stuff cooking we cannot share at this moment, but I promise that will be exciting. Until then, we hope you enjoy the posts here. Hopefully we'll see you at Gary Con XIII later this week. - Joe and the Home Team

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