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Summer is upon us.

Summer is upon us, though it is a strange one. Our con schedule is complete, pending COVID-19. The next scheduled appearance will be at Phoenix Con in Appleton, WI once the date is announced. Cosmo Joe from 6d6 Studios is putting this on as the first con once everything is safe, and the Kickstarter is 700% backed at the moment of writing this. We have been onboard since Day One, well prior to the launch of the Kickstarter, and cannot wait for this. The Kickstarter can be found here:

In other news, because of the strange summer, and losing cons, that has opened up more time to produce products. There has been a slight delay, but that is more due to the issues at and their still-ongoing data migration. We are still missing files, so we are hesitant to upload right now. However, Sewers of Irvinia is waiting on the art, Draffin Keep is all but done, and The Brewmeister's Minions is having a few things overhauled. All should be ready by midsummer. Our Kickstarter for World of Durmin is still awaiting a full return to normalcy before it is launched. We still feel it is too early to ask for backing on a project this huge that has received a lot of attention. In other news, we have five products submitted for the ENnie Awards: Cult of Petosega, Ionic Dragons, Velour Palace of the Disco Emperor, Grove of the DIsco Duck, and The Missing Villagers.

The live streaming event will take place July 30th, 2020 at 8pm, with an address forthcoming. Hopefully we at least make it to a finalist this year. Happy Gaming! Stay Safe and have the best summer you can. Joe

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