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Disco Trilogy Errata: New Disease (Disco Fever)

The things you overlook when initially writing an adventure, only to realize in the third part of the trilogy 2 years later.

"New Disease: Disco Fever.

Caused by exposure to concentrated Peruvian Dancing Dust (see Velour Palace of the Disco Emperor) and disco music simultaneously. A subject exposed must make a save vs. poison. Failure indicates they are overcome with feelings of euphoria and an uncontrollable desire to dance. Onset in 1-3 minutes, the effects last 30-120 minutes, after which there is a 2 day "come down" period, where the subject will feel depressed, tired, irritable, slow, restless, and have trouble sleeping. Subjects in a "come down" state will have a hard time declining an offer of Peruvian Dancing Dust (save vs. spells at a -2, -4 if there is disco music playing). Repeated exposures (at least 3, no more than 6) to disco fever can lead to an addiction to disco fever itself, and the subject will actively seek out Peruvian Dancing Dust and disco music."

For the addiction part, I have left this blank as many DM's have their own homebrew rules for this subject, and should treat it in their own way.

This will not be updated in future printings of Velour Palace of the Disco Emperor, but will be in the final part of the trilogy.


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