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2020: How it's affected us and the future of J. Halk Games

Greetings all, and well met!

So this year has been a roller coaster for everyone in the world.

We have stayed healthy, we hope all of you are doing the same.

On to why you're here: upcoming products.

Sewers of Irvinia and Draffin Keep have been delayed. Sewers is going through more art revisions. Draffin is delayed due to general life issues (essential worker and all).

The Kickstarter for the World of Durmin Campaign Setting is still on hold until the COVID-19 pandemic finally ends. We know many people are in financial limbo, and we cannot ask people to crowdfund a project that big right now, even if it is price-pointed in the $50-60 range. Then there's the issue of some local printers not being open are this time for consultation. Trying to stick to our principles of 100% Made in the USA has slowed production overall. Right now, the production is 80% finished, with interior art remaining for the books. This will probably wait until the Kickstarter launch so we can contract some excellent artists to give it a classic look. We still plan on delivering it within 1-3 months of completion, with all files needed ready to print (outside of dropping in the art). Printing will take little time; packaging it will take us longer, as we will be packaging it in the Home Office.

Other projects: the adventure designed for KoboldCon 2020, J. Halk Games Kobolds!, is actually in production. We really wanted to get it out for KoboldCon as part of the swag bag, but the real world (read: essential worker) intervened in that. We aren't entirely sure what to do with it yet, but it will have an actual release.

There is a possibility of a quarterly coming later this year that is made up of smaller adventures, similar to the old "Side Treks" from Dungeon. Robert Smith is spearheading this, as his plots are great, but short one-shot in length. A name will be revealed in the near future.

DMs Guild involvement: after much debate, we have decided to keep Lair of Elaacrimalicros up on DMsGuild for the time being, as it brings in revenue for art on DriveThruRPG. Eventually though, it will come off the site, as we fully shift into OSRIC production and slide that adventure, with necessary IP changes, into the World of Durmin.

PhoenixCon: we have joined the team for PhoenixCon that Studio 6d6 is planning for when the pandemic ends. If we can time it right, we might be able to show off the Kickstarter there with a preview copy.

That's our midsummer update. Stay safe everyone!



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