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J. Halk Games

Deadly By Design

J. Halk Games is a family owned and operated tabletop gaming company dedicated to the OSR (Old-School Revival) movement. Founded originally in 2017 with a focus on the Fifth Edition of the World's Greatest Roleplaying Game, our focus shifted to First Edition Fantasy in 2019, with a full dedication to only OSR products in 2020.

About Our Business

Truly A Family Business

J. Halk Games was created in 2017 by Joseph and Karen Bingaman. With their children Lori, Alex, and Hailey all playing roles withing the company, along with close family friend Robert Smith, it is truly a family-owned and operated business dedicated to quality gaming that is Deadly By Design. 

The basis of J. Halk Games started with Joe's gaming groups of the early 2000's, with the World of Durmin setting getting its start there. Over the last 17 years, the files on the computer of gaming sessions, adventures, items, spells, NPC's, traps, and monsters has created a unique world to produce quality gaming products that live up to our motto: Deadly By Design.

Who's Who

The Faces Behind J. Halk Games


Joseph Bingaman

Owner, Lead Designer, Lead Editor, Lead cartographer, Art

Joe has been GMing and designing since 1987, at the age of 8. His first published adventure, Lair of Elaacrimalicros, is available on DMsGuild. In addition to designing for J. Halk Games, he also has done work with Rob Kuntz's Three Line Studios and Alarms & Journeys magazine.


Karen Bingaman

Head of Financial, Gamebreaking Playtester, Designer, Art

Karen authorizes all expenses for J. Halk Games. To put it bluntly, if she doesn't clear it, it doesn't happen. 

In addition to this daunting task, she also will try to break any playtest she is involved with, as well as design material and contribute to art.


Lori "The TPK Kid" Congdon

Social Media, Convention Sales, Playtester, Designer, Art

If you've visited our table at a convention, chances are you dealt with the bubbly Lori. Lori does sales and social media for the Home Team, as well as some designing and small art pieces. A voracious playtester, she enjoys playing odd race and class mixtures to test how those work for a product, just in case.

She got the name "The TPK Kid", as her first ever d20 roll was an attack roll of a 1 that resulted in a TPK.


Alex Bingaman

Designer, Cartographer, Playtester

Alex wrote his first adventure, Sewers of Irvinia, at age 10. He is also quick with the pen when it comes to cartography. As a playtester, Alex almost exclusively plays a barbarian.

Hailey B.jpg

Hailey B.

Artist, Playtester

In just six months, Hailey B. jumped from just playtesting to taking the lead on art for her twin brother's adventure "Sewers of Irvinia". Her style is very reminiscent of OSR artwork, being pen and ink with shading.


Robert Smith

Designer, Gamebreaking Playtester

Robert has been part of Joe's gaming circle for over 2 decades, and has assisted with the design of several adventures over that time. He is taking the lead design on the upcoming quarterly series of small side trek adventures. As a playtester, he works with Karen to try and break every single thing they playtest to get all the bugs out. If all else fails, burn it down.


Upcoming Releases

Coming Soon From J. Halk Games

World of Durmin Box Set Kickstarter

Kickstarter Launch: August 2021

Sewers of Irvinia

Release Date: December 2020

No upcoming events at the moment


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